YouTube Ranking – How I Used Video SEO To Make Up To $37,000 Per Month

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Here’s a live presentation on my YouTube Ranking process and how I used video SEO to make up to $37,000 Per Month.

This video covers my story and progression throughout my internet marketing career to eventually get to where I’m at today. I’m going to run through topics such as keyword research, what to communicate about within your video including video structure and how to optimize your video for maximum rankings.

Youtube ranking and video SEO have been a passion of mine for many years and has given me the leverage to be able to travel around the world and enjoy quality time with the people in my life I love and care for most.

I create a course called the YouTube Selling System that teaches online entrepreneurs how to get highly targeted quality traffic through video. It includes 8 weeks of A-Z content on YouTube marketing with monthly updates and bonuses to give you an unfair advantage with video.


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YouTube Ranking – How I Used Video SEO To Make Up To $37,000 Per Month