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Search Engine Optimization Is Our Passion. If you’re looking for 100% ‘Done-for-You’ lead generation, and for qualified leads that contact you via phone, email, direct calendar bookings and LinkedIn email, we can help. That’s exactly what we specialize in doing for our clients!

Here’s who we work with:


I generate qualified lead prospects through laser-focused marketing using a combination of great text content, video marketing and, most importantly, traffic funnels built around the giant social media networks.


We can increase your sales and speed up your prospecting process with the delivery of hot leads every week. With creative cold emailing campaigns and paid Facebook Ad traffic funnels you can virtually eliminate cold calling and clunky, old-fashioned, budget-sucking, scattergun approaches like Yellow Page ads and leaflet-dropping.


We help chiropractors, doctors, dentists and physical wellness professionals who often struggle to access a constant stream of potential client leads. They’re simply too busy healing bodies to spend time chasing ‘friends’, ‘fans’ and ‘followers’.

Here at SEOAuthorityServices.com we generate qualified business leads for companies through a smart combination of laser-focused email campaigns, SEO, and social media ad funnels. Through premium SEO and local search services we outsmart your competition, convert website traffic, and put you on the digital map.

We achieve this through a smart combination of paid traffic campaigns, including on and off-page search engine optimization, Facebook and Google ad management, as well as through building traffic-pulling websites, and social media mastery. Together, these techniques help to generate qualified prospects via laser-focused marketing.

We are a compact and bright team of online marketing professionals. For the past 18 years, we’ve helped many businesses – including startups, mom-and-pop stores, and big corporations – realize the potential in digital marketing to grow a customer base, retain existing customers, and bring new ones on board.

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